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In the year 2003 we set up and developed the first call centre in Brno. The call centre AMAX offers 80 full equipped workplaces and professionally trained team of operators. The call centre AMAX has got long year experience in the area of telesales and telemarketing. In the area of telesales and making appointment we are “market makers”.

Call centre AMAX concentrates on:

  • satisfied customer – see call centre AMAX references
  • professionally trained and motivated team of call centre operators
  • carefully maintained regularly updated database of companies
  • the latest technical equipment of the call centre
  • redundantly backed up connection of the call centre to telephone and internet network

Call centre AMAX – about us

It is difficult to describe all important facts about the company that has been on the market since 2003 in couple of sentences.

At the very beginning there was idea how to offer and provide telemarketing services in a better, more efficient way. Our goal was to build up call centre with about 20 operator positions and focus on telesales. Anyhow we found out soon that our customers require more. Higher volume of work, larger capacity and complex services. We managed to satisfy their needs very fast.

At present we provide all telemarketing services on 80 workplaces. Telesales, making appointments, telemarketing, answering calls and direct mail. We help several clients with setting up their own “in house” call centre.

We had a clear idea about some products from the beginning and we customized others. We thank our customers for coming back to our company.

And finally, some useful advice for you. When you are making the call in the future, smile!
Believe us, people can “hear” it.



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Call centre AMAX

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